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CME associated with M8.7/2B flare observed by SOHO/LASCO-C3(ESA&NASA)

Intense solar energetic particle (proton) event occurred on 23, January in 2012 and reached its peak flux 6,310 PFU at 15:30UT on 24. This event was associated with M8.7/2B flare (N28W21) at 03:38UT on 23. Sudden Impulse (SI) by the CME by this flare was observed at 15:03UT on 24. Another X1.7/2B flare (N28W21) occurred at 17:37UT on 27. The solar energetic particle (proton) flux by this flare reached its peak 796 PFU at 02:05UT on 28.[update:2012/01/29]

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